Eyals - KMG - how to test course 2023

Eyals - KMG - how to test course 2023

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Eyal returns!
This course will be focused on the new curriculum, but more importantly how to test it.
In the morning session, training will be focused of coaching the new curriculum, looking at the technical breakdown of each skill.
The afternoon session will be focused on how to test the martial taught. Looking at performance-based and technical based testing and creating scenarios for student to experience.
Some of you have already been part of the development of these processes over the last few years, so now is the time to learn more of how to deliver this to your students!
This will be the first time this course has been delivered in the world. Once again Australia is leading with innovation within Krav Maga Global!

He will also be assisted by Richard and Adam.

This will be 4 full days of training.

Date: Thursday 5th October to Sunday 8th October 2022


Krav Maga Self Defence

Unit 23/9 Hudson Ave, Castle Hill NSW

Health & Safety: To continue to reduce the spread of Covid-19, please do not attend if not well.

Clothing and Equipment: Please ensure you bring all your protective and fighting equipment (mouth guard, groin guard etc.).